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I love lace.

I love the exacting choreography of yarnovers and decreases, the way my needles dance through each step, and the all-encompassing concentration I need to read the chart.

I love the transformative power of blocking a new piece, the elegant sweep of a delicate shawl, the easy drape of a loose front cardigan.

I love the feel of lace fabric, the unexpected lightness, how the breeze slips through and makes the edges flutter.

But a lot of times, I don't like wearing lace. I find most lace garments are neither practical nor flattering.

For this project, I set out to change that. I wanted to make a collection of designs that I would be happy to wear in my everyday life; designs that were elegant & beautiful and ready for action!

My challenge was to shape lace to flatter real women, women like me, women who value the combination of elegance and action while also looking for an adventurous romp in their knitting.

My Flutter and Flow collection contains nineteen unique designs to entertain you, challenge you, and flatter your shape. The collection includes pullovers, cardigans, shells, tanks, jackets, tees, hats, a shawl, and even one blanket. (I hope you don't mind that I snuck in a little home décor among all these garments!)


Designs can be seen here: https://www.theyarnslayer.com/portfolio-item-category/flutter-flow/

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